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This adventure is designed for DURF,  a game by Emiel Boven, and it plays with its stress and inventory mechanics. However, it can be easily adapted to any OSR system.
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The Tale:

The Players are tasked with the retrieval of a potent and rare yellow gem, which is used in high-level Alchemy. It was stolen from the local Arcane Academy weeks ago, and the players have tracked the movements of the thieves to a system of caves below tall, rocky, mountains.

These caves, however, are home to a particular species of Drowshrooms that fill the air with spores that make whoever breathes them drowsy and lethargic. This is the perfect environment to thrive for some flesh-eating snails, too slow to chase their prey in the open. These Drowsnails adapted to the spore-filled air and even attach small Drowshrooms to their shells...

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I hope you enjoy it. Comments and feedback are welcome!


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